We produce our compost, composted mulch, everyday mulch and garden soil at our Earlysville, VA farm with great care and pride.


Click here to see a video of our Ecolawn compost spreader, now available for rent! Email Steve Murray at for rates and availability.


$32 / cubic yard

Nature’s best soil amendment. After considerable TLC, our expertly formulated compost has the perfect balance of nutrients and micronutrients.  Our compost is pH neutral and weed and pathogen free. Our compost is the perfect additive for new landscape projects such as annual and perennial beds; it’s great for vegetable gardens, and it makes a first-rate top dressing for established garden beds and over seeding lawns.

OMRI listed for use in organic production. 


Composted Mulch:

$26 / cubic yard 

Made from a proprietary blend of organic matter, our weed-free composted mulch adds nutrient value while enhancing both the look and function of your garden with a lasting moisture and weed barrier. It’s a finishing touch with a little something extra that you just can’t get with ordinary mulch.


Everyday Mulch:

$20 / cubic yard

This basic double-ground mulch will help your beds retain moisture and control weeds while finding an alternative use for local yard trimmings.  It’s thoroughly aged to kill pathogens and weed seeds and helps recycle organic matter in the soil as it breaks down.


Hardwood Bark Mulch:

$28 / cubic yard

Made from recycled bark discarded by the local timber industry, this mulch is good for landscapes looking for a finished, commercial look.


Garden Soil:

$40 / cubic yard

Our garden soil is great for filling empty raised beds, holes from tree removal, or other voids in your yard.  We take approximately 60% screened topsoil and combine it with 40% of our Panorama Paydirt Compost so that the material is ready for planting. Our garden soil is not intended for top-dressing lawns or amending existing beds.  For these applications, we would recommend you use our Panorama Paydirt Compost.


Photos by Jack Looney