What forms of payment do you accept? We accept cash or check only. 

Do you deliver? We offer delivery Monday-Friday to Charlottesville and the surrounding area for orders of atleast 3 cubic yards of product. We are able to deliver up to 9 cubic yards of compost, 6 cubic yards of garden soil, or 13 cubic yards of our mulches per truck load. Delivery fees begin at $35 and vary based on your location.

Do I have to be home for the delivery? No, you do not. If conditions permit, we have a proven system for customers that allows them to leave payment and instructions for our drivers upon delivery so that products are placed in the correct location on their property.

How does pick-up work? If you are interested in purchasing our products in bulk here on site, you will need a pick-up truck or trailer in order to be loaded. Upon arrival to our site, pull up to the window of the gate-house and pick up a clipboard for loading.  During Saturday hours, the gates will be open and customers may drive directly on to the site to be loaded.

How much material do I need? For every 1,000 square feet, you will need 3 cubic yards of product for every inch you plan on laying. Our office is happy to assist in your calculations so feel free to contact us after acquiring approximate measurements of the areas you would like to cover.

How much product will fit in my truck/trailer? Most full-size pick-up trucks can hold approximately 2.5 cubic yards of product. Upon arrival to our site, you should discuss quantity requests with the tractor drivers who can assist in estimating the load your truck can handle.

Can I use compost to fill my raised beds? We do not recommend planting directly in to compost because the product is meant to be a soil amendment and does not have suitable soil structure that your plants will need. However, we do carry a garden soil specially designed for raised beds.

Do you have compost available all year round? Due to the high demand of this product, we generally sell out of our bulk compost some time in late fall or winter. New batches are generally ready March 1st of the following year, just in time for spring garden preparation.

Do you bag your compost? Yes! We bag all of our own compost here at the farm with special bags to allow the compost to breathe and encourage aerobic activity. Bags are availble at selected local retailers and garden centers.

Where is your bagged compost available? Our bagged compost is available at these retailers:

Do you ever donate material? We are proud to support a number of organizations in town through donations. If you are interested in having product donated, please send us an email with your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

 Do you have an email list? Yes! To join our email list and be notified about upcoming sales and product offerings, please click here. Don’t worry, we never send more than one email per month and will not distribute your address.

Photos by Jack Looney