About Us

About the Farm

Named for its 360-degree views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Panorama Farms is located in Earlysville, Virginia, near Charlottesville. In 1953, the Murray family moved there, eager to maintain the land’s rural character by continuing the farming tradition. After trying a variety of conventional agricultural enterprises—cow/calf, steers, sheep, and hay—the family made the decision in 1996 to rethink its efforts.

The Vision

“We began looking at the farm as a resource,” says Panorama Paydirt founder Steve Murray of the property where he grew up. “Out of that decision came Panorama Paydirt, Panorama Running, and Panorama Events. We also lease hay-making and hunting rights.” So far, so good. “Our efforts have made the farm sustainable into the next generation,” Murray says.

Establishing the compost business and other alternatives to conventional agriculture has allowed the Murray family to preserve the beautiful 850-acre property as a self-supported agricultural enterprise. At the same time, Panorama Paydirt is recycling organic matter that would otherwise be headed for the landfill, and it is supplying area gardeners, landscapers, and farmers with a product that adds vital nutrients to the soil.

“The response has been enormously favorable,” says Paydirt co-founder Drew Murray. “My brother and I take pride in the TLC we put into our product, and our customers seem to appreciate it too.”

The People

Panorama Paydirt is a family-run business. Family members Steve Murray, Drew Murray, and Noah Bloom oversee the entire operation.  Kim manages the office with Steve’s wife Merrick and niece, Margaret.  Site managers Todd and Thomas accept and process material for customers.  Drivers Tommy, Craig, Noah, and Drew deliver product right where you want it.



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